Position Overview:

Community Solutions is seeking an experienced, self-motivated and organized individual to join the energetic, collaborative Built for Zero Team as a Systems Transformation Advisor. This position will be responsible for supporting a community, or cohort of communities, in achieving racially equitable, population-level reductions in homelessness, or in driving progress on other key, population-level measures. Quality improvement (also called improvement science) is the primary organizing framework for all of this work.

This position will be on the Catalytic Projects team and works specifically to document, package and scale learnings that are generated through the innovative work in the Catalytic Projects portfolio for Governance, Inflow and Healthcare/Public Health strategic aims. This role will encompass documenting, refining, packaging and scaling internal processes, theories and strategies as well as bright spots and learnings from community facing work that drives population level reductions in homelessness for one or more population.

The successful Systems Transformation Advisor will regularly gather, analyze and harvest insights from local community performance data. In response to this data, they may execute, or support the execution of, any of the following strategies in communities as appropriate:

  • Will building and relationship management
  • Training and capacity building
  • Focused quality improvement projects
  • Transformative real estate projects, research pilots or grantmaking opportunities
  • Surfacing and clarification of key policy barriers and levers

All of these strategies are critical tools for ending homelessness measurably and equitably. The successful Systems Transformation Advisor will be skilled in identifying when each strategy is needed and in drawing on the full resources and capacity of the Community Solutions team to deploy it.

About Community Solutions:

Community Solutions is a non-profit organization that works to achieve a lasting end to homelessness that leaves no one behind. We envision a more equitable future where homelessness is never inevitable or a way of life, for anyone. Since 2015, we have led Built for Zero, a movement of more than 70 cities and counties using data to radically change how they work and the impact they can achieve — and proving that it is possible to make homelessness rare and brief. Nearly half of those communities have reduced homelessness in their communities, and 14 have ended veteran or chronic homelessness. In order to help communities equitably and sustainably end homelessness, we are also working to identify solutions that can address gaps in housing, disrupt inflow into homelessness, and produce more racially equitable systems.

Community Solutions seeks leaders at every level: extraordinary, mission-oriented people not satisfied with the status quo. We are a team of values-driven innovators motivated by results. We eagerly seek and support diverse applicants. We provide generous benefits and opportunities for inspiring and transformational professional growth. We pride ourselves in developing an inclusive workplace culture that encourages staff to bring their whole selves to work every day.

Candidate Description:

The candidate of our dreams is organized, but not rigid—a “get stuff done” kind of person who can work out a plan of action quickly in the face of ambiguity and changing information (this environment offers a lot of both). We’re looking for the sort of person who finds problem solving and complex implementation fun and who prides themselves on seeing multiple paths to the same outcome. You should come to work every day with a desire to collaborate with your teammates as we serve local change agents in communities around the country.

You should be dedicated and clear-eyed about what it takes to make a difference for some of the most vulnerable people in our societies, and you should understand how racism, sexism, homophobia, and other forms of oppression structure and impede that work. You should have experience working on the ground in communities, facilitating collective problem-solving, and analyzing and synthesizing data. You should also demonstrate a high level of empathy and flexibility, which will be critical to ensuring successful collaboration with partnering organizations.

This work is hard, and our team is relentlessly committed to rigor, measurement and provable impact. Your title will be Systems Transformation Advisor, but when people ask you what you do, we hope you’ll learn to say, “I’m helping communities end homelessness.”

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Build the will for sustainable participation and change in communities:
    • Clearly and compellingly present on Built for Zero learning, methods, outcomes, and/or offerings
    • Support, leverage and strengthen existing leadership structures and engage new partners where necessary, including engagement and support of BIPOC partners and those with lived experience of homelessness
    • Successfully manage relevant funder or partner relationships in support of community goals
  • Train local teams and build sustainable capacity in critical problem solving areas:
    • Assess education and training needs in communities related to quality improvement and other key skill sets
    • Deliver or make available appropriate training as needed, ensuring training is both cross-culturally relevant and culturally sensitive
    • Identify critical local capacity gaps and propose ways to fill them, (policy change, pass-through funding, partner engagement, etc.)
    • Provide or make available deep subject-matter expertise in specific areas or interventions, as needed or indicated by community data
    • Advance equitable access to training opportunities in communities
  • Leverage the quality improvement process to help communities:
    • Assess the design and current performance of local systems and identify key leverage points, with special attention to racially inequitable outcomes
    • Set measurable, equitable and inclusive improvement aims
    • Design workable, well organized measurement plans and build regularly updated datasets
    • Design and implement tightly scoped improvement projects to drive rapid learning
    • Interpret the results of improvement projects and make decisions about the abandonment, adaptation, or adoption of proposed changes at scale
  • Scope and support the implementation of transformational projects, including:
    • Catalytic pass-through investments
    • Real estate projects
    • Partnerships with non-homeless-specific systems or institutions (e.g. healthcare, criminal justice, etc.)
    • Time-bound pilots or research projects
  • Surface and clarify key policy barriers and levers:
    • Leverage community data to determine publicly funded resource and capacity gaps
    • Identify the ways in which local, state, federal or institutional policy may be impeding reductions in homelessness and/or contributing to racially inequitable outcomes in local systems
    • Work with local teams to surface concrete waiver or administrative policy change requests and support those asks with local data
    • Support CS Communications, Partnerships and Policy teams with relevant, community-specific information to support implementation of broader CS policy agenda
    • Collaborate as needed with partners and funders to further joint advocacy agenda in support of community goals
  • Support excellent strategy, execution and culture across the Built for Zero team:
    • Participate in regular strategic planning and implementation meetings for the Built for Zero initiative
    • Ensure project scopes, timelines and work plans are always up to date for relevant projects and assignments
    • Participate in team-wide system for learning, iteration, knowledge capture and spread
    • Proactively apply an equity lens in all circumstances, seeking to keep both equity and results at the center of team culture and work
    • Operate within, not around, Built for Zero team structures and work flows, and work collaboratively and constructively to improve these over time

Key Knowledge and Skill Areas:

  • The ideal candidate will have demonstrated an ability to achieve results using at least two critical problem-solving competencies:
    • Facilitation of teams toward shared goals
    • Quality improvement (QI), also called ‘improvement science’
  • In addition to these critical competencies, the strongest candidates may also possess deep content knowledge in at least some of the following areas:
  • Housing and homelessness policy;
  • Race equity policy and/or problem solving;
  • Continuum of Care funding and governance structures;
  • Evidence-based outreach, housing and service delivery models; and/or
  • Upstream systems and funding structures

Positions Specific Responsibilities/Skills

  • This position is responsible for documenting, refining and packaging learnings from Catalytic Projects work to meet our three strategic aims to achieve population level reductions in homelessness through work on inflow, governance structures and collaboration with public health/healthcare sectors
  • Collaborating with Strategy Leads, Systems Transformation Advisors and the Learning Systems and Evaluation portfolio to be responsible for :
    • Supporting the development of Catalytic Projects’ overall internal theory of change, learning reflection process and development of tools to advance the portfolio’s strategy from project concept through research, piloting and scalable models
    • Establishing internal processes for documenting learnings from Catalytic Projects strategy lanes (inflow, governance and public health/healthcare)
    • Refining materials (internal theories of change/strategy, community facing materials) to reflect our most up to date thinking on working to support communities in achieving population level outcomes for Catalytic Projects strategy lanes
    • Packaging materials for scaling through the Built for Zero team and supporting Strategy Leads and System Improvement Advisors in delivery content to other portfolios through team calls or other avenues
    • Packaging materials for sharing learnings externally with communities, funders and strategic partners and supporting Strategy Leads and Systems Improvement Advisors to share bright spots, refined theories, critical learnings throughout our external network
    • Working closely with the Learning Systems and Evaluation Portfolio and the Catalytic Projects Portfolio lead to ensure alignment between Catalytic Projects learning system and the overall Built for Zero learning system


  • Three to five years previous work experience in a professional environment
  • Passion for justice, equity, ending homelessness and the belief it is possible
  • Command of the Model for Improvement/Quality Improvement and insight into how it can be used to drive improvements toward ending homelessness and measure impact
  • Experience with facilitation, public speaking, and coaching for improvement
  • Ability to handle multiple tasks in a fast-paced, dynamic team environment and demonstrate a willingness to shift easily between various responsibilities with diverse stakeholders
  • Strong project management skills, as evidenced by leading projects to successful and measurable completion
  • Demonstrated understanding of structural racism and its impact on communities of color
  • Collaborative work ethic and a high tolerance for feedback, direct communication, and proactive conflict resolution
  • Non-traditional candidates welcome. Community Solutions strives for representation and authentic inclusion of applicants and employees who have direct, first-hand experience with poverty, homelessness, and their root causes (including racism, marginalization, discrimination, and all forms of inequity).

Software/Apps Used:

Microsoft Office

Google Business Apps



Social media software and applications

Work Environment:

This position can be located anywhere in the continental United States. The Built for Zero team has office space in Atlanta, Los Angeles, and New York City, but the position provides for the flexibility to work from a remote location without the standard support available at an office if such an arrangement meets the needs of Community Solutions.


The salary range for this position is $72,200 to $90,200, depending on experience, proficiency and qualifications.

Note that our salary structure is transparent and ensures that salary advancement is attainable with increased tenure, performance, independence, responsibility and embodiment of our organizational values. It is extremely rare and should not be expected that any applicant’s starting salary at Community Solutions would fall above the midpoint of the salary range for their position.

Travel Requirements:

Up to 5 days of travel per month may be required to attend semi-annual team retreats, community visits, and other on-site trainings or convenings.

Diversity and Inclusion:

We strive for inclusivity and diversity by attracting extraordinary people from diverse backgrounds and lived experiences. We seek to employ an all-star team of people who vary by their race and ethnicity, gender identity, sexual orientation, nationality, age, culture, religion, veteran status, physical and mental abilities. We promote equal opportunity in the recruitment, selection, training, compensation, promotion, and benefits of all employees.

COVID-19 Vaccination Mandate:

COVID-19 vaccination is mandatory for all Community Solutions staff—full-time, part-time, and contracted. Vaccination documentation must be provided to Community Solutions. Vaccination information is completely confidential between the staff member and HR.