About the Brownsville Partnership

The Brownsville Partnership (BP) seeks a proven leader to bring together and inspire residents and institutions around shared, data-driven strategies to advance the health, safety and economic opportunity in the Brownsville neighborhood of Brooklyn, NY. Areas of current focus are preserving and improving affordable housing and public spaces, and supporting partners in improving outcomes for children, young adults and families. Working with residents, local partners and the Board, the Executive Director will be accountable for refining and delivering the Partnership’s strategy for achieving measurable, population level goals through collective action.

Launched as a project of Community Solutions in 2008, the Brownsville Partnership became a separate, affiliated not for profit in 2019. The Executive Director will oversee an initial staff of five and be responsible for convening partners and stakeholders to advance collective priorities. The Executive Director will report to an independent Board of Directors.

About Brownsville

Brownsville is a culturally rich neighborhood in east Brooklyn with an overall population of roughly 90,000. It is challenged by the effects of decades of systemic racism and disinvestment resulting in low employment rates, poor health outcomes, violence and poor quality housing. It contains the largest concentration of public housing in the country. This legacy of inequity means that the coronavirus is having a disproportionate impact on Brownsville with respect to health outcomes, mortality, job loss, and education setback.

Yet since 2008, a network of strong, collaborative organizations and residents has been developed around the shared goal of measurably improving opportunities and outcomes for Brownsville residents. The Brownsville Plan, shaped by local aspirations and concerns about the future of Brownsville, was endorsed by New York City agencies in 2017 and provides a blueprint for many of the steps needed to improve the quality of life and opportunities for neighborhood residents while mitigating potential displacement. In response to this plan, strategies including the formation of a community land trust and new mixed use developments, have been launched. The BP has evolved to become a platform for empowering residents to identify and implement solutions to improve their homes, their health, public services and the Brownsville neighborhood as a place of opportunity.

Your Challenge

Your challenge is to use a collective impact approach centered on resident participation and data driven improvement strategies that advance economic mobility and improve outcomes for children, youth and family across Brownsville. The Executive Director will not only steward existing projects underway but will be a facilitator of opportunities to transform aspirations into action at the neighborhood level.

A successful candidate will:

  • Embrace and lead a community organizing ethos that puts residents in the driver's seat of identifying and implementing solutions to shared problems and opportunities
  • Identify faltering public systems and increase their efficacy for residents through collaborative action
  • Lead and inspire staff, volunteers and partners to collaborate, learn, and propel systemic change in population level health, safety and economic prosperity, with a particular focus on outcomes for children and youth
  • Look for, work with and support organizations in the neighborhood that share the values of resident leadership and collective action and a steadfast commitment to achieving racial justice
  • Create and respond to feedback loops to assess and advance progress towards measurable, time-bound, neighborhood improvement goals
  • Look past commonly accepted system flaws and find new opportunities to leapfrog the neighborhood to new heights
  • Work with partners and residents to develop common tools and resources to speed design, adoption and scaling up of collective neighborhood initiatives

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

Strategic Leadership:

  • Provide dynamic leadership that inspires a team of staff, community residents, organizational members and partners to advance a shared goal for economic mobility for Brownsville residents, addressing key barriers to health, safety and economic opportunity.
  • Hold the team accountable for commitments in achieving the shared goal for measurable, population-level results, ensuring commitments to residents, provider partners and funders are met.
  • Observe and learn from past experiences in Brownsville and successes in other neighborhoods and consider how to apply these learnings to current endeavors.
  • Participate in national learning networks to accelerate progress and support national place-based policies.
  • Foster linkages across sectors and disciplines, particularly, health, housing and economic development, to achieve and sustain community-level goals.
  • Liaise with Community Solutions leadership and contribute to organizational and neighborhood learning on scaling and impact.

Community Engagement and Leadership:

  • Oversee a community organizing strategy that puts residents in the driver’s seat of identifying and implementing solutions to shared problems and opportunities.
  • Establish and maintain a deep network of relationships, fostering trust and transparency with key community stakeholders, elected officials, funders and partners.
  • Foster the growth and development of residents as leaders. This includes training in the technical and governance skills required to support the Brownsville Community Land Trust and other ground-up initiatives.
  • Create multiple pathways for participation that uplift underappreciated skills, deepen the diverse talents of residents and creates space for residents who might not self-identify as leaders.
  • Oversee communications of the Brownsville Partnership, including active engagement of the community in setting goals and identifying challenges and opportunities.
  • Ensure the organization and its mission and activities are consistently presented.

Community Hub and Organizational Operations:

  • Ensure that the vision of the Greg Jackson Center as a community civic hub is fulfilled while financial, programmatic and operational goals are met.
  • Work closely with the Operations Manager to establish and manage programming at the Center that activates resident connection, learning, creativity and enterprise.

Managing and Evaluating Programs:

  • Develop strong measurement tools and transparently track performance on key indicators of overall progress toward shared neighborhood goals.
  • Create opportunities for community members to use collected data about their neighborhood to initiate projects for improvement.
  • Plan and oversee targeted physical investments needed to improve housing options and public spaces.

Fundraising and Financial Management:

  • Cultivate and manage relationships with foundations and corporations and diversify revenue sources.
  • Using new and existing organizational relationships, secure both philanthropic and earned revenue of at least $1.5M per year.
  • Lead, in partnership with team members, annual planning and budgeting and financial management.
  • Support fundraising, financing, and development of critical projects that contribute to achieving the Partnership’s aims.

Board of Directors:

  • Member of BP Board of Directors and accountable to Board.
  • Create a high trust relationship that facilitates strong governance and stewardship of the mission.
  • Lead quarterly board meetings to update and work in partnership with Board leadership.
  • Manage budget and make recommendations to the Board to ensure sound financial management.

Professional Experience and Qualifications

The Brownsville Partnership is seeking a proven, entrepreneurial leader with at least 10 years of experience in community development, public space management, arts management or a related field. The successful candidate will have:

  • Demonstrated results working with and leading teams to achieve common goals
  • Passion for the mission, vision and values of the Brownsville Partnership
  • Demonstrated commitment to equity and inclusion, including in the power of policy and practice to tackle structural racism; experience working with Black or Latinx majority neighborhoods is desired
  • An understanding of community development, public space management and public services delivery
  • Adept at observing, searching, learning, identifying solutions and scaling innovations
  • Gets charged up by working across sectors and disciplines
  • Practical experience with financial management including managing budgets, generating revenues, fundraising, and tracking expenditures
  • A track record of working effectively with colleagues both inside and outside their organization, with a reputation for building strong professional networks and the flexibility and finesse to "manage by influence”
  • Achieved results as a problem-solver using data to drive insights and decision making
  • Able to bridge leading strategy with sleeve-rolling and on the groundwork with teams and constituents to implement improvements and overcome obstacles
  • Strategic thinking and decision-making skills, strong analytical capabilities, and a stakeholder-oriented mindset
  • High energy, maturity, and leadership skills with the ability to serve as a unifying force
  • Effective communicator
  • Demonstrated an ability to track progress against targets
  • Brings a spirit of celebration and a sense of humor to work every day

A bachelor’s degree is required. An advanced degree in a related field is preferred.

This work requires someone who is equal parts creative and tenacious in working to push the boundaries of what is possible. Humility, flexibility and the ability to lead a small team are also critical.



Diversity and Inclusion

We strive to attract extraordinary people from diverse backgrounds and lived experiences to be part of an all-star team who vary by their race and ethnicity, gender identity, sexual orientation, nationality, age, culture, religion, veteran status, physical and mental abilities. We promote equal opportunity in the recruitment, selection, training, compensation, promotion, and benefits of all employees.

Software/Apps Used

  • Google drive and business applications
  • Microsoft Office, in particular Microsoft Excel
  • Asana
  • Zoom Video Conferencing
  • Salesforce CRM software

Travel Requirements

Occasional travel within the US to participate in conferences; travel within New York City.

Work Environment

The Brownsville Partnership is located at the Greg Jackson Center in Brooklyn, New York City. The position is currently remote but will include working at the Center and attending local meetings and events where full safety measures are in place.

COVID-19 Vaccination Mandate

COVID-19 vaccination is mandatory for all Community Solutions staff—full-time, part-time, and contracted. Vaccination documentation must be provided to Community Solutions. Vaccination information is completely confidential between the staff member and HR.