Community Solutions’ Built for Zero (BfZ) team works with over 80 communities across the US and around the world to build a movement to end homelessness. We seek an experienced, self-motivated candidate to join, the Built for Zero team. The Project Support Intern will provide the Team Excellence Portfolio with effective project management, content coordination, and logistics support. The Team Excellence Portfolio provides internal backbone support to the Built for Zero Team through project management, process improvement, and performance management.

The candidate of our dreams is organized, but not rigid— a “get stuff done” kind of person who can work out a plan of action quickly in the face of ambiguity and changing information (this environment offers a lot of both). We’re looking for the sort of person who finds problem-solving and complex implementation fun and who prides themselves on seeing multiple paths to the same outcome. You should come to work every day with a desire to serve and assist your teammates as they serve local change agents in communities around the world. You should also see your job as enabling results, not just hitting deadlines or budgetary targets. We have clear strategic plan aims, and project completion does not necessarily equal success if a project does not advance these aims.

The intern will work part-time, 20 hours per week, starting in early June through mid-August. If the intern’s school does not provide a stipend for internships, then CS will compensate her/him at $12/hr or minimum wage in the state/city, whichever is higher. The intern will have access to multiple training and educational opportunities throughout the summer.

About Community Solutions:

Community Solutions is a non-profit organization that works to achieve a lasting end to homelessness that leaves no one behind. We envision a more equitable future where homelessness is never inevitable or a way of life, for anyone. Since 2015, we have led Built for Zero, a movement of more than 70 cities and counties using data to radically change how they work and the impact they can achieve — and proving that it is possible to make homelessness rare and brief. Nearly half of those communities have reduced homelessness in their communities, and 13 of those communities have ended veteran or chronic homelessness. In order to help communities equitably and sustainably end homelessness, we are also working to identify solutions that can address gaps in housing, disrupt inflow into homelessness, and produce more racially equitable systems.

Duties and Responsibilities

Team Excellence (Internal Project Management & Operations) Overarching Strategy (100%)

  • Work alongside the Team Excellence to:
    • Create and refine team-wide project management infrastructure and protocol over time
    • Design tools needs to actualize project management infrastructure
    • Develop infrastructure for tracking analyzing project management analytics to improve project management policies and strategies over time
    • Define and iterate internal processes to improve user experience
  • Jump in to help with additional tasks whenever all hands are needed on deck, especially around event support and logistics
  • Assist in content development for various portfolio engagements.
  • Other projects as needed.

Skills Needed

  • Strong organization and ability to multitask
  • Ability to work toward a goal in the face of some ambiguity and create solutions to new problems
  • Problem-solving
  • Experience using Google Suite
  • Proficient in Excel/Google Sheets

Trainings and educational opportunities offered during internship

  • Project management training, including Asana software training
  • Organization-wide orientation for summer interns
  • Community Solutions’ Core Competencies Training
  • Lunch meetings with CS employees, paid for by Community Solutions, to learn about the employees’ roles within the organization, the projects/programs they oversee, and how their work contributes to CS’ mission
  • Bi-weekly Executive Team virtual lunches to connect with senior leadership
  • Participation in team meetings and all-staff meetings
  • Regular check-ins with supervisor for feedback and guidance

Work environment

  • Virtual and at least 50% of the intern's time will be Community Solutions’ Atlanta office