Job Overview:

The System Transformation Advisor assigned to San Diego will work as part of a small Built for Zero team charged with discovering what it takes to end homelessness in a large metropolitan community, a strategic priority for Community Solutions. Known as the Large City Cohort, this team provides a learning network for community leaders from San Diego and a small number of similar-sized communities like Detroit, Phoenix, and Washington DC, to share emerging best practices and strategies aimed at ending veteran homelessness. The person who fills this position will be responsible for leading an effort, with a team of local leaders, to end veteran homelessness in San Diego. They will also be responsible for working collaboratively with other System Transformation Advisors assigned to communities in the Large City Cohort and leveraging the full capacity of the Community Solutions and Built for Zero teams, including the real estate, data, catalytic projects, communications, and partnership management staff.

San Diego Context:

San Diego’s Community Action Plan on Homelessness calls for an end to veteran homelessness in three years in the City of San Diego, and thereafter, a scale strategy for a similar end state in the County of San Diego. The Regional Task Force on the Homeless, a local non-profit organization that acts as the lead agency for the San Diego Continuum of Care, is responsible for coordinating the community’s response to this call to action and providing the data infrastructure for this effort.

This position - the Built for Zero Systems Transformation Advisor (STA) - is responsible for supporting San Diego and working with the Regional Task Force on the Homeless, in ending homelessness for veterans as aligned with the Community Action Plan. More specifically, the STA will work collaboratively with the soon-to-be-hired System Improvement Manager at Regional Task Force on the Homeless, to operationalize the BFZ methods, tools, and data infrastructure to operationalize a measurable end to veteran homelessness in San Diego. In doing so, the STA is also responsible for helping the Regional Task Force’s System Improvement Manager, interpret and translate these same methods for the local effort focused on ending youth homelessness.

About Community Solutions:

Community Solutions is a non-profit organization that works to achieve a lasting end to homelessness that leaves no one behind. We envision a more equitable future where homelessness is never inevitable or a way of life for anyone. Since 2015, we have led Built for Zero, a movement of more than 70 cities and counties using data to radically change how they work and the impact they can achieve — and proving that it is possible to make homelessness rare and brief. Nearly half of those communities have reduced homelessness in their communities, and 13 of those communities have ended veteran or chronic homelessness. To help communities equitably and sustainably end homelessness, we are also working to identify solutions that can address gaps in housing, disrupt inflow into homelessness, and produce more racially equitable systems.

Community Solutions seeks leaders at every level: extraordinary, mission-oriented people not satisfied with the status quo. We are a team of values-driven innovators motivated by results. We eagerly seek and support diverse applicants. We provide generous benefits and opportunities for inspiring and transformational professional growth. We pride ourselves in developing an inclusive workplace culture that encourages staff to bring their whole selves to work every day.

Defining Success for this Position:

When hired, the System Transformation Advisor will lead a community effort to define and achieve a clear and measurable milestone toward reducing veteran homelessness. Thereafter, the System Transformation Advisor is accountable for establishing milestones and measurable progress toward the goals to end homelessness for veterans in the timeline established by the San Diego Community Action Plan on Homelessness.

In the first three months, this position will be responsible for:

  • confirming a strong and viable local leadership structure to drive a cross-sector effort to end veteran homelessness
  • measurable improvements toward a reliable data set of all singles experiencing homelessness in the City of San Diego, including all veterans

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

Job duties and responsibilities include the following, aligned with Community Solutions' current strategic plan and the San Diego Community Action Plan on Homelessness. These duties and responsibilities are sometimes unique to this position and will sometimes be shared with the Improvement Manager assigned from the San Diego Regional Task Force on the Homeless.

  1. Act as Built for Zero liaison to San Diego by supporting, leveraging, and strengthening existing leadership structures, and engaging new partners where necessary, in service of ending homelessness
  2. Facilitate local team(s) to set aim(s) and design, organize, and implement work in support of achieving those aim(s)
  3. Conduct data-driven analysis of local systems, co-design projects to drive local improvement, and support teams in tracking progress toward community-level goals
  4. Identify and operationalize transformational change actions to result in breakthrough reductions in veteran homelessness. This may include creative, city-specific problem-solving for those barriers not easily addressed with process improvements.
  5. Co-create and drive Large City cohort work to achieve racially equitable outcomes within homeless systems
  6. Co-design and implement a cohort-wide system for learning, iteration, and spread of ideas in service of ending homelessness in a large city-specific context
  7. Support and facilitate local teams in creating a culture of cross-community sharing
  8. Co-design and implement an organizational approach to reducing veteran inflow in a large US city
  9. Co-design and implement core capacity and infrastructure training for local leaders
  10. Co-create and drive policy agenda to support Large City teams
  11. Initiate and drive work to build a comprehensive system and collect quality data for All Singles
  12. Deliver successful strategic partner management
    1. Actively coordinate with implementation partners [i.e. The Home Depot Foundation, Kaiser Permanente, and Quicken Loans] to deliver excellent support to community teams
    2. Participates in calls with other Federal Agencies and funding partners, as needed
    3. Provides timely information as needed to support partnership work

In addition, this individual will be responsible for working collaboratively with key members of the BFZ team to help design and improve upon an emerging strategy intended to result in several large communities reaching functional zero for veterans.


Candidates should have at least 5 years of experience working in the housing, homelessness, or human services sectors. They should also be based in San Diego and have strong knowledge of local politics and homelessness/housing systems.

The Built for Zero team draws on a set of core competencies to support communities in their journey toward ending homelessness. The ideal candidate will be very comfortable with two of these competencies in particular:

  • Facilitation of teams toward shared decision-making and measurable goals
  • Quality Improvement (QI) as a problem-solving and measurement methodology

Special consideration will be given to candidates who have taught QI principles and facilitated teams through improvement projects.

Candidates should also possess the following:

  • Project management skills, as evidenced by leading projects to successful and measurable completion.
  • Oral and written communication skills.
  • Political and relationship management skills.
  • Comfort and facility using data for problem-solving and decision-making.
  • Collaborative ability to manage without authority.
  • Content knowledge of local political and governmental systems as they relate to housing and homelessness.
  • Content knowledge of local Continuum of Care governance and programs for people experiencing chronic and veteran homelessness.
  • Knowledge of local Veterans Affairs Medical Center homeless programs or other local Veteran services.
  • A sense desire to see a measurable end to homelessness in San Diego for veterans, for chronic individuals, and for all populations.
  • Demonstrated understanding of structural racism and its impact on communities of color
  • Non-traditional candidates are welcome. Community Solutions strives for representation and authentic inclusion of applicants and employees who have direct, first-hand experience with poverty, homelessness, and their root causes (including marginalization, discrimination, and inequity).

Supervisory Responsibilities:

Not applicable

Software/Apps Used:

  • Salesforce
  • Slack
  • Google Business Apps
  • Asana
  • Zoom
  • Social media software and applications

Salary Range:

CS offers competitive salaries and benefits packages for every position. The salary range for this position is $75,000-$85,000 and will be based upon experience.

Travel Requirements:

Regular travel is required to attend semi-annual team retreats, community site visits, and other on-site training or convenings. Most travel is to major cities around the US, including current Built for Zero communities.