The Re-Entry Collective Impact Working Group of Washington, DC is seeking an independent contractor to lead a cross-sectional team of stakeholders from government agencies, nonprofit organizations, faith-based organizations, philanthropy, business, advocates and advocacy groups to develop and execute a startup plan for launching a sustainable Collective Impact1 project to serve Returning Citizens in Washington, D.C. At the 12 month point of the consulting engagement, the contractor will have ensured that the Collective Impact Working Group has achieved three major objectives: 1) identified a backbone organization to manage the Collective Impact effort; 2) identified and/or secured sources of long-term, sustainable funding for Collective Impact; and 3) developed a strategy for public communication about the Collective Impact effort.

Initial funding has been secured for two years of this Collective Impact project. The consulting engagement will be for a 12 month term with extension options as the work progresses. The contractor will report to the Interim Steering Committee of the Re-Entry Collective Impact Working Group, a diverse group of highly motivated stakeholders. The administrative portions of the consulting contract will be managed by Community Solutions, a national non-profit organization, and its local contractor Jaydot.

Key Responsibilities

  • Work with the Interim Steering Committee to structure broad vision and strategies into an actionable six-month project plan to achieve Collective Impact startup objectives
  • Identify critical path project milestones and monitor and manage their completion
  • Coordinate meetings of the Interim Steering Committee, full Collective Impact working group, and smaller subgroups
  • Develop and distribute agendas, meeting summaries, presentations, and other Collective Impact documents to workgroup members and external stakeholders
  • Represent the Collective Impact working group at various meetings and serve as a liaison with external stakeholders
  • Identify potential resources and key networks and provide recommendations to Interim Steering Committee for ways to engage these resource/networks in supporting Collective Impact
  • Identify, track, and develop strategies for mitigating project risks
  • Work with the Interim Steering Committee to identify and secure long-term funding sources for Collective Impact
  • Work with the Interim Steering Committee to identify and select a backbone organization for long-term management of Collective Impact
  • Work with the Interim Steering Committee to develop a strategy for public communication about the Collective Impact effort
  • Manage project funds for the 12-month startup phase and submit a monthly report detailing project expenditures.


  • Background in working with Returning Citizens
  • Based in the metropolitan D.C. area
  • Familiarity with Collective Impact model; experience with model strongly preferred
  • Demonstrated ability to develop strategic plans and coordinate their implementation
  • Advanced ability to think creatively and independently on concepts requiring advanced analytical skills
  • Knowledge of key systems and stakeholders influencing re-entry and services for Returning Citizens in D.C. helpful but not required
  • Demonstrated ability in working with and leading cross-sectional teams
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills
  • Thorough knowledge of Microsoft Office suite


  • Competitive and based on experience